Some Biography

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Presentation of Anni Filt

Hi my name is Anni Filt, I'm a danish country singer / songwriter and this is my story:

  • Born: November 23, 1955
  • Address: Ole Rømers Alle 34 Skovby 8464 Galten, Denmark
  • Phone:  +45 86945415
  • E-Mail:

Musical Career:

Singing has always been my passion, and my career as a singer actually started already at school where I performed in various schoolplays. From 1977 to 1986 I was involved with a couple of bands where I sang different kinds of music ranging from Folk to Pop / Rock.

In 1986 I began my career as a country singer and songwriter in a band calles "CB Rollerskate" and in 1989 I started my own band "Anni & the Countrysun". From 1992 - 2001 I played with my band "Savannah Rose Band". Since 2001I have been singing with the Great band "Mr Jack and the Daniels"

During the years 1992 and 1993 I hosted a TV show called "Country Club", and on one of the shows Charlie McCoy was the gueststar. Meeting him resolved in a great friendship and the beginning of my solo career as a country singer, recording my CD's in Nashville, Tennessee.

My current singing career also includes entertaining all over Denmark in various institutions ranging from hospitals to education centers where I do a programme of old and new Danish songs.

Touring experience:

Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy ,Greenland, USA and Canada


"Dream Catcher: Album of the Year 1999"
- Independent CMA Germany

"International Country Music Hall of Fame, Texas"

"Female Artist of the Year 2000"
- Independent CMA Germany

"Female album of the year 2001"
- Independent CMA Germany

"Female artist of the year 2002"
- Independent CMA Germany