Past to Present

Another Chance At Love
Looking For Love
Someother Time
I Won't Take Less
Runaway Train
Now That's Allright
Dance With The One
Live Forever
Autumn In The Rockies
Never Ending Love
Shake The Sugartree
Out On The Road Again
Heartbeat In The Darkness
Past The Point Of Rescue
Heart Over Mind
Strong Enough To Bend
Moving On
Mud On The Tires
Those Little Wings
You're Gonna Love Me
On My Way
Tender Moments

Walking Shoes
Rose of Cimarron
Strong enough to bend
Another chance at love
Shake the sugartree
Tender moments
The Gambler
What kind of love
It's a beautifull day

Storms never last

Falling in love again
Got on this train
Loving arms
Dance with the one
The bug
Mud on the tires
Even cowgirls get the blues
Blame it on your heart
Walk away
Dreaming with my eyes open
Living on love
That don't bother me
Never had it so good
Storms never last

The vey best of
Anni Filt

Listen Just a Bite
Hør en lille bid
Singing down the moon (2001
Back in your arms again (1999)

Kissing an angel (2003)
Don't be cruel (1991)
Heøs a wild one (1997)
Why not me (1995)
You won't se me cry (1993)
Listen to the radio (2001)
A lovers Lullabye (1999)
Baby ride easy (2004)
Untill a new love comes (2003)
Don't cry Daddy (1997)
Lang tall Sally's Saloon (1989)
Blanket on the ground (2004)
Who's that girl (1999)
What a way to start a day (2001)
Leaving Alabama (1997)
Leaving on a Jetplane (2003)
Heaven's just a Sin away (1999)
Everlasting love (1997)

Anni Filt
Danske Viser & Sange
Listen Just a Bite Hør en lille bid
Noget om helte
Sol sol kom igen
Vera's vinterven
Jeg plukker fløjlsgræs
Regnsvejrsdage i November
Musens sang
Du kom med alt det der var dig
Sålænge skuden kan gå
Åbent landskab
Sig godmorgen
Atten svaner
Gå med i lunden
Kald det kærlighed

Anni Filt
Copy Cat Country
Rhinestone Cowboy
Baby Ride Easy
Walking After Midnight
Last Thing On My Mind
Runaway Train
Forever and Ever, Amen
Take Me Home Countryroads
Don't Tell Me What To Do
Heart Over Mind
Blanket On The Ground
Never Gonna Feel That Way Again
The Fall Is In The Air

Anni Filt
Kissin an Angel
Here we are
Are there anymore like you
Kissing An angel
Moving On
Thooe little wings
Paper blank
Someone elses trouble now
Cheating song
Never ending love
Thats allright mama
Untill a new love comes around
Can't go on pretending
Out on the road again
Strins of pearls
Leaving on a Jetplane

Anni Filt
Singing Down the moon

Ain't necessarily so
A womans heart
Long look at love
Awesome Austin Hunk
Singing down the moon
The guy next door
On my way
Painting the rain
Some other place
A safe place to land
Listen to the radio
What a way to start a day
In the pale moonlight

Anni Filt
Cloud Walker

Cloud Walker
The Love That We Lost
Back In Your Arms Again
Autumn In The Rockies
A Lovers Lullabye
I Just Might Be
Now That's All Right With Me
You're Still The One
Just Like The Weather
I Won't Take It Anymore
Say You Love Me
Heaven's Just A Sin Away
Who's That Girl?
The Rose

Anni Filt
Dream Catcher

Leaving Alabama
Looking For Love
Walking Away A Winner
He's A Wild One
Love At The Five And Dime
Guitars Need Love Too
Missing You
Bittersweet Surrender
Everlasting Love
My Everyday Life
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Past The Point Of Rescue
Don't Cry Daddy

1995 CD Savannah Rose Band - Heart Over Mind

1993 CD/MC Anni - Giving It All

1991 CD/MC Anni & The Countrysun - Tall Dark Stranger

1989 CD/MC Anni & The Countrysun
- Show Me The Way To Nashville