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New CD from Anni Filt

Past To Present – “My favourites” – New CD from Anni Filt
In 2011 it was 25 years ago my dream of being a countrysinger came true –
and I wanted to celebrate it with this new album Past To Present – “My favourites”.
There is 23 songs on the album – 17 taken from earlier CD’s - my
favourites – and 6 new songs recorded in USA in the fall of 2010.
It was very difficult to choose the 17 songs. I have recorded almost 150
songs during the years – and picking out just 17 songs was hard to do. But
during the selection I felt very lucky and rich. Imagine having recorded
so many wonderful songs. It was an amazing feeling sitting there with
headphones on and listen to all the songs – to be back in the studios and
remember every second of it.
I’m so pleaced with the result and I think it really shows how I feel
about being a countrysinger.
I hope you will enjoy my new album Past to Present – “My favourites”.

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A CD from Anni Filt

“Tender Moments” is number 12 countryalbum from Anni Filt.

“Tender Moment” shouldn’t have been an album! Anni Filt was looking for 3-4 songs she could use as “bonus-tracks” on an album, she was going to release on her 25th anniversary as a countrysinger. While looking she ended up with 10 songs.

At innumerable requests Anni chose to release the songs now. And so “Tender Moments” was born.

As the title says, “Tender Moments” is an album full of tender moments. An harmonious mix of wonderful songs that fits the sweet and tender voice of Anni Filt.

“Tender Moments” is recorded and produced in Mikron Studio, Jasper, Tennessee, USA in the skilled hands of Mike Headrisk and with the sovereign Charlie McCoy on the harmonica.

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"Copy Cat Country"
a new CD from Anni Filt.

You might as well has named this album "A Stroll Down Memory Lane" because it contains 14 of the very best countryhits from 1957-2004. I usually write a lot of songs myself, but this time I've recorded only coversongs. I've done that because so many people has asked me to record certain countrysongs. Today people like to hear songs from the past and I've tried to fullfill their wishes. It should have been an album with only songs from female writers, but I just couldn't say no to "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Forever And Ever, Amen".

And this time I've recorded a duet "Baby Ride Easy" with my good friend Charlie McCoy. I've wanted to do that for many years and now we did. "Copy Cat Country" is a mix of old and new countrysongs. From Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton to Lorrie Morgan and Kenny Chesney.

I've put a little part of my heart and soul in every song and I had a great time recording it.


"Kissing an Angel"
a new album from Anni Filt

"Kissing an Angel" is my number 8th album. You should think that in time you get used to recording, but the preparations, the expectations and the excitement by recording this album has been as great as when I recorded my first album back in 1989.

"Kissing an Angel" is recorded at Mikron Studio, South Pittsburg, Tennessee and produced by Mike Headrick, who also playes all the guitars, the steel and the dobro. He wrote the song "Words" and another friend of mine Glynn Martin and his wife Bobbi wrote "Never Ending Love". I wrote 6 of the songs for this album - 4 of them in cooperation with my sister Heidi Mortensen.

My good friend Charlie McCoy playes the harmonica.

I enjoyed every second in the studio.

I’ve tried to make "Kissing an Angel" as varied as possible. We’ve used 16 different kinds of instruments on the album and the songs are a mixture of new, original songs and good old songs like "That’s all right mama" (Elvis Presley) and "Leaving on a Jetplane" (John Denver).

Stylewise the songs range from traditional country to countryswing and from beautiful ballads to countryrock - in short: whichever style you like, you’ll find it on "Kissing an Angel" and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

"Singing down the moon"
The latest CD from
Anni Filt

According to an Indian legend the stars in the sky are the campfires of our ancestors and when they shine at night, they guide us and look after us. At full moon you can't see the stars, but if you sing to the moon, it will slowly descend and the stars will shine again. This lovely legend has inspired my sister Heidi and I to write the titlesong of this CD: "Singing down the moon". The indian inspired chorus is performed by Jackie Harling, who is a descendant of the Cherokee Indians.

"Singing down the moon" has been recorded at the Mikron Studio in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. The producer is the multiple musician and songwriter Mike Headrick. The songs: "Long look at love" and "A safe place to land" were written by Mike and he plays 7 different instruments on this CD. My dear friend Charlie McCoy also performs on this CD - the fifth CD we've made together.

"Singing down the moon" is the seventh CD I've made since I started as a countrysinger and -songwriter back in 1986 and it is the fourth CD recorded in USA.

"What a way to start a day" is a duet with the american singer-songwriter Glynn Martin. He also wrote "Awesome Austin hunk" for me.

There are 13 songs on this CD - 11 of them originals. Apart from my own 6 songs, out of which 3 songs were written in cooperation with my sister Heidi, Mike and Glynn have each written 2 songs. One of my friends, Otto Teglgaard, has written the music for "Painting the rain" and the remaining 2 songs are some of my favourites: Willie Nelsons: "Ain't necessarily so" and Kathy Matteas: "Listen to the radio".

It has been a fantastic experience to record this CD with the musicians Bob Courter (drums), Tim Atwood (piano), Kenny Berry (bassguitar), Jim Unger (violin), Charlie McCoy (harmonica), Mike Headrick (steel-, acustic- and leadguitar, dobro, mandolin, banjo and 6-string bassguitar), Jackie Harling (chorus). Together they have managed to create excactly what I wished for with this CD. Jeff Coppage was in charge of the mixing.

The line: "I laugh when I can and I live with the rest" from "Ain't necessarily so" is a good description of how I would like to live my life - and the recording of this CD has been full of laughter and joy.

Anni Filt
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"Cloud Walker"
A new CD by Anni Filt

As a singer and songwriter, it is like a dream come true every time you go into the Studio to record a new CD.

Ten years have passed since my first CD "Show Me The Way To Nashville" was released, and when I look back over those years, I feel privileged having been able to record a total of 6 CD's -3 of which were recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in cooperation with Mr. Charlie McCoy. I've also had a lot of wonderful experiences while touring in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy and Greenland, so these last ten years certainly haven't been boring!

The music on "Cloud Walker" is a mixture of old well known songs, new lesser known songs and my own songs. A total of 14 songs and more than 50 minutes of music.

During my travels in USA I've become deeply moved by the Indian culture, and this is the reason why my two latest CD's have Indian titles: "Dream Catcher" from 1997 and now "Cloud Walker"

Like my two previous solo CD's recorded in Nashville, "Cloud Walker" has been recorded live in the Studio. I prefer to record this way, because it is a wonderful and very special experience to work so intensivily with the musicians. Working in an American Studio with American Studio musicians is a unique adventure, and I'm still completely fascinated that so many people can work in unison and create something so beautiful in such a short period of time.

If I should mention a few of the songs, it would be: "Cloud Walker", the titlesong, which is about all of us needing to realise that we must respect all things living, that the earth belongs to all of us and we must look after it. This song I wrote together with my sister Heidi. "Autumn In The Rockies" is about having been away too long and the happiness and expectation you feel when you are finally on your way home. "A Lovers Lullabye" is about how lucky you feel when you know that you've found the love of your life. Both above mentioned lyrics were written by my sister. The music for "I Won't Take It Anymore" was written by Otto Teglgaard. He and I were in the same band in the mid 1980'es, and I'm very happy to have one of his wonderful songs on this CD. On all my CD's I have a song written especially for my husband. On this one it is "Say You Love Me". Even though we get older, we never get too old to fall in love. "Who's That Girl?" is about just that. It has been a fantastic experience to record "Cloud Walker".