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A new CD from Anni Filt

“Tender Moments” is number 12 countryalbum from Anni Filt.

“Tender Moment” shouldn’t have been an album! Anni Filt was looking for 3-4 songs she could use as “bonus-tracks” on an album, she was going to release on her 25th anniversary as a countrysinger. While looking she ended up with 10 songs.

At innumerable requests Anni chose to release the songs now. And so “Tender Moments” was born.

As the title says, “Tender Moments” is an album full of tender moments. An harmonious mix of wonderful songs that fits the sweet and tender voice of Anni Filt.

“Tender Moments” is recorded and produced in Mikron Studio, Jasper, Tennessee, USA in the skilled hands of Mike Headrisk and with the sovereign Charlie McCoy on the harmonica.

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